Dominique Larocque M.A.
LaRoccaXC Head Coach

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Dominique Larocque

Dominique was the dominant female XC MTB racer (1991 MTB National team) and cyclocross racer in Eastern Canada in the late 80’s and early 90’s, racing for Trek USA and Rollerblade Canada. With a propensity for boredom and collaboration, she redirected her passion for speed to inline and marathon speed skating racing in 1992, where she quickly became the dominant force in Canada and the US. She proved her international status in marathon speedskating during the Finland 100 km Ice Marathon in Kupio and the Athens to Atlanta marathon in 1994. She won the national inline skating title in 1996, prior to her retirement, declining an invitation to train on ice in Calgary in preparation for the 1998 Nagano Olympics, choosing family, education and vocation over racing.

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Her coaching debut took place at Camp Fortune in 1997 alongside her studies, combining Gestalt psychotherapy, energy healing and a master’s degree in Sport Psychology at the University of Ottawa (1997-2004).

In 2003, she decided to relocate her mountain bike school in Val-des-Monts to design a training facility that would guarantee the holistic success of her students an her full attention to her call as a coach and program/trail designer. She is fully dedicated in establishing her private coaching practice, her mountain bike school and her summer residence for many years to come in the Amik Forest. During the winter, she consults or works in the hospitality industry, which she loves with all her heart, for living, loving and learning are Dominique’s guiding life’s principles.

Her highly individualized and ‘out of the box’ coaching philosophy highlights the symbiotic relationship between mind, body and emotions.  With the eye of a Jedi master, there’s not much she misses in her athlete’s riding style and psychological gridlocks. Dominique has developed a solid reputation through the years working with riders of all ages and riding abilities. Her dedication to her students is heart felt in every session she leads. Passion lives here!


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