Dominique Larocque

Dominique Larocque

Dominique has been coaching since retiring from international level racing in 1997. With a master's degree in Sport Psychology, combined with her training in Gestalt psychotherapy and graphic design, her coaching philosophy highlights the symbiotic relationship between mind, body and emotions, thus the name Creative Wheel Consulting. Her coaching debut took place at Camp Fortune in 1997 and in 2003, she decided to relocate her mountain bike school in Val-des-Monts. In 2010, due to unexpected life events, Dominique was required to relocate her home base as well as Creative Wheel Consulting alongside LaRoccaXC.

Dominique was the dominant female XC MTB racer and cyclocross racer in Eastern Canada in the late 80’s and early 90’s. With a propensity for boredom and team spirit, she redirected her passion for speed to inline and marathon speed skating racing where she quickly became the dominant force in Canada and the US, winning the national title in 1996.

She is renowned for her ‘boobs to the bar, hover, nose over the front tire’ and ‘work the bike’ mantra. With the eye of a Jedi master, there’s not much she misses in her athlete’s riding style and psychological gridlocks.

For more informaiton on Dominique read her full bio.

James Cowan

James Cowan

James Cowan is LaRocca XC alumni, a trail builder/designer/mini-ex operator and always a mountain biker. After spending a few years in the military he is now working as a mechanical engineer in the Ottawa area. He has raced Ontario, Quebec and Canada Cups, has worked as a bike mechanic and has traveled throughout the area and the continent in search of new trails. He was introduced to the sport early, as his father Norman has been involved in cycling and racing for many years. His first mountain bike rides were on a single speed Huffy with 20" wheels and a coaster brake, and he's ridden just about every type of bike (and mountain unicycle) since then. Nowadays he's most often found riding the local trails with his dog "Rocky" hot on his tail.  James believes riding should be fun, and that having more confidence on the bike will make your rides more enjoyable.

Denise Martel


Riding my bike has always been the ultimate expression of freedom. It has been a part of my life since learning how to ride on my neighbour's HUGE bike when I was 7 years old. If I wasn't climbing trees and otherwise getting into trouble, I was out on my bike with my friends. It took me everywhere in my Westboro neighbourhood. By the time I was 18, repairing my own 10 speed was second nature. Perhaps my career would have taken a different path if I had accepted the job offer at the local bike shop when I brought in my rear wheel for new bearings. A few decades later, riding through life with a career as an architect, a business owner, wife and mother of 2 girls, I found myself becoming intrigued with mountain biking after enrolling my children in summer camps at LaRocca XC. My daughter and I participated in a Mother and Daughter mountain biking clinic in 2005 with Dominique where I discovered the thrill and new freedom of riding a mountain bike through the forest. At the same time I rediscovered my connection with nature in Gatineau Park, and later on Dominique's network of trails at La RoccaXC in Val-des- Monts. From Wild Women on Wheels Weekends to Team Equus to club rides, coach Dominique is always there coaching, empowering and being supportive. Along the way, always under Dominique's coaching, I discovered new sports from skate skiing to speed skating. I've been contributing my graphic skills toward making signs for the trail network since the Centre's debut, and assist her in her skate skiing and long blade skating coaching on the canal.

Les Ambassadeurs

Les ambassadeurs sont des personnes qui ont accès 24/7 à l'appui des terres et offre Pendant des promenades en groupe. Ils sont les gardes sur le terrain.

Blair Carroll

Blair Carroll

I am a canicross, bikejoring and skijoring  enthusiast.  It became apparent on technical sections of the mountain bike races that I needed to improve my technical riding and my internet search lead me to LaRoccaXC in the spring of 2013.   Just one lesson with Dominique had me riding smarter and more confidently. I enjoyed the LaRoccaXC trails so I became a member and took up Dom's offer to be club ambassador for 2015.  In addition to continuing to pick Dom's brain for mountain biking tips, I am acquiring trail building experience, tech support and take the lead in group rides. I've even managed to get my wife a little interested in biking and xc skiing, but her first love is riding horses which, I have learned, is impossible to compete with.

I hope to keep up the races for fun for as long as I can and I am hoping to race at the IFSS World Dryland Championships in 2015 in Bristol, QC, with Murphy in the canicross and bikejoring events.

You won't find my name appearing at the top of the finishing order, but so far I haven't had any DNF's either. Most of all, I plan to just keep having fun on my bikes and skis.


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