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YES! We are in full action starting this weekend with the tour de la montagne RIDE THE MOSS! Prices are subject to change due to the early start of the season and the unusual unfoldings due to the coronavirus.

Changes to pricing due to Covid-19

NEW in 2020! Weekly access to the Amik Forest trail system during the week.


We try to answer all requests within 24 hours. We are often in the forest coaching or maintaining trails. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


Coaching Fees

We are open 7 days a week, from 8h to 16h.


SUMMER CAMPS ARE A GO! Updates May 26, 2020 - [pdf] | [docx]

Rock Paper Scissor (RPS) Summer Camp

VERY IMPORTANT! SUMMER CAMPS ARE A GO! Updates May 26, 2020 - [pdf] | [docx]


Prerequisites: If your teen is 15+, we can accept him/her in the program however, we strongly recommend the RPS camp experience to get familiar with the forest and the philosophy of the site.

Boulders is the name we give to our RPS summer camp graduates aged 15+ who have reached a level of technical and leadership skills and wish to return to help in the daily routine of our small sustainable social enterprise. They are recruited from RPS camps or outdoor education programs that take place during the season. We give each participant the tools to co-create with the lead staff so that each visitor on our site experiences the magic of the forest.

This mentorship program is based on the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens (written by the son of Stephen R. Covey, author of the classic The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) and other models of interventions inspired by the ecopsychology movement and the Gestalt model.

Originally inspired by the story of the Kielburger brothers and their social enterprise "ME to WE" (2009) as well as the Outward Bound programs, Creative Wheel has been supporting teenagers since 1997 to develop self-awareness and individuality as well as discovering new passions free of any sexist stereotypes.

We work consciously to create a positive learning environment in which our teens are part of the camp's daily routine. Areas of focus include trail maintenance, forest management, emergency response, bike repairs and developing interpersonal skills. This program is demanding and its cost is directly proportionate to the level of maturity and expertise demonstrated by the teenager. Participants with the highest standards of excellence are often hired.

The creative arts are an important part of this program (improvisation, cinematography, trail development) and the Boulders have access to the Creative Wheel studio. This program is an excellent opportunity to practice leadership skills, improve French and English, and take risks by expressing creative ideas during the daily planning of the summer camp.

Adolescents participating in this program are mentally preparing for their future summer jobs. Olivia Robinson, a graduate of this program, will be the main coach of this program, sharing her rich experience.


For beginner and intermediate non-competitive cyclists who wish to improve their physical condition and technical skills, without the constraint of having to follow a competitive pace or matching someone’s skill level. We will be riding a variety of trails in the southern and northern parts of Gatineau Park. Riders will be able to access the LaRoccaXC trail system during the RPS camp weeks. Riding with children and teenagers has proven to be very beneficial for our cyclists in the past. Participants will receive a forest gym membership and support throughout the season.

The cost is $350 + taxes for the season. 100% of the proceeds are donated to maintaining the trail network and the monthly rental fee for the portable toilet.


We receive many requests to visit the forest by bike or on foot. This is a fundraising initiative for the forest and school. Reservations required at all times.

The guided tour is possible from Wednesday to Friday, during the RPS camp weeks or by appointment the moment the trails cleaned after the winter season / usually at the beginning of May. We propose two departures: 10h and 13h.

Since we are a mountain bike school our trails are very technical as our focus is to offer riders technical challenges to improve their skills.  We recommend the mountain tour for intermediate to advanced cyclists. Electric bikes are welcome.

The cost is $ 20 + taxes per cyclist. 100% of the proceeds are donated to maintaining the trail network and the monthly rental fee for the portable toilet.

The programs are reviewed each year to help beginners and experts in their sport practice to ensure progress, enjoyment, and safety by bike. Since the practice of mountain biking has gained popularity, we chose to grow with our families by adding an initiation program to the RPS summer camp experience (PEBBLE FAMILY) as well as a mentorship program for teens (BOULDERSHIP) who have graduated from the RPS camp and are still too young to work.

For over twenty-five years, Creative Wheel Consulting Inc. has designed and facilitated outdoor educational programs and retreats for children, teens, adults and seniors.

Creative Wheel's mission of "playing outside" is becoming increasingly important in a society that is becoming more and more dependent on technology.

The LaRoccaXC mountain bike programs and teachings are deeply rooted in a collaborative philosophy and focus on solid skill development, sustainable trail design, forest management, emergency response, and bicycle repair. We always adhere to the Leave No Trace principles.

Programs usually kick in early May because of our trails facing the south and 100% sustainable; designed with I.M.B.A. guidelines.

Larocque's "snake and ladder" trail design concept and the various play parks strategically located on the 108-acre territory offer many challenges for cyclists, allowing improvement trough repetition.

Modeling safe and fun practice of the sport, as well as being great forest stewards are very important and as parents and adults, you will join us in this mission.


  • CSA approved helmet
  • Cycling gloves (full finger gloves highly recommended)
  • A well-adjusted and sized mountain bike. Please call us if you need advice. We are here to help!

WE, together, have come a long way since the purchase of the land (2003).

Enjoy this little video produced in 2007 by my two nephews when they were just starting their company Five Knights Production.



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Video – Voir la vie en vert

Thank you Zacharie Turgeon for truly capturing the spirit of my vision.