We have a program for everyone at LaRoccaXC, located on the beautiful grounds of Creative Wheel Wellbeing Centre. We love customizing and that is why, at times, choosing the right program for you can get a little tricky. 

Year round, I offer life coaching and personal training services, with the focus on outdoor PLAY! Loosing weight, getting in shape, transitionning, working through issues of grief, depression and/or anxiety has to be done in a wholistic way, with a focus on the deconstructing of one's cognitive and behavioral patterns. You are what you think.

The mountain bike is an incredible empowering tool. BEING in a forest is the ultimate DETOX environment. Whether on the bike, on foot or simply contemplating nature's sacred balance, the healing grounds of the Creative Wheel Centre will send you home refreshed, inspired and with a new 'frame' of mind. Come loose your mind and come to your senses at LaRoccaXC.

Call or email anytime to learn about our programs.


MTB Coaching & Sport Psychology Services

Improving at your pace - Pricing vary depending on skill level, group size and desired outcome

We take your progress at heart

  • For individuals, groups and/or families wishing to learn in a stress free environment.
  • For all levels of ability.
  • Year round. Call today for more information or email
  • Glamping available on site.
  • We teach you on the trails we have designed and carved with one intention: YOUR PROGRESS.
  • Email for more information or to make an appointment.


Team Equus Week-end Retreat & Spring Program

“For the cowgirl in you!” - Women & young women Age 13+


  • Focused riding for women and young women 13+ who wish to be challenged physically and mentally by professional coach Dominique Larocque.
  • Three riding options in Spring (From April 10 to June 4, 2017). Call  today for more information or email
  • Access to LaRoccaXC trail system during the summer, alongside the RPS and Pebble camps.
  • Participants in the Spring program will get a special discount to participate in the June 'END YOUR WEEK' on a high note retreat on June 2-4 and June 9-11. Camping on site. 10 minutes from Wakefield.
  • A riding approach focused on:
    1. distance & fartlek training;
    2. personal best;
    3. technical skills;
    4. personal empowerement and leadership skills.

A code of conduct that reflects the acronym P.A.A.R. at all times (Prevention, Accidents, Accountable, Responsible).

Ironwood Family

High performance, Pre-competitive - Age 9 to 12


Must have participate to one week of RPS camp. Call for more information.

April 11 to June 4th - Wednesday night (Gatineau Park) & Sunday morning (LaRoccaXC)

  • A training approach focused on
    1. distance & fartlek training
    2. personal best
    3. technical skills.
  • A holistic training environment that encourAges a multi-sport approach during developmental years.
  • Coaches are committed in simulating training sessions that reflect a competitive-collaborative environment.
  • Parents get to play with their child and improve their riding skills along the way.
  • Coaches, parents and athletes collaborate synergistically to produce enhanced results.
  • A code of conduct that reflects the acronym P.A.A.R. at all time (Prevention, Accidents, Accountable, Responsible).
  • A learning environment for coaches in training with LaRoccaXC MTB School (ex.: Boulder program).
  • A grassroot program to assist the director in the future sustainable development of the trail system at LaRoccaXC.

Active Lifestyle Membership

A green gym for the eco-responsable - $150 per athlete for the season

New program

  • For the neophyte to intermediate level rider who is looking for a special place to practice and perfect skills in a private setting.
  • For the advanced rider who is looking for a ‘ME TO WE’ community and wishes to support the school and give back to the sport as ambassadors to healthy living and responsible cross-country riding.
  • Access to trails from April 1st to October 31st.
  • All proceeds go towards the sustainability of the school and the Centre.
  • Dogs are welcome.


2017 Camp sessions Boulder, RPS and Pebble summer programs

#1  (Week of June 26)
#2  (Week of July 3)
#3  (Week of July 10)
#4  (Week of July 17)
#5  (Week of July 24)
#6  (Week of July 31)
No camp during the week of August 7th to August 11th
#7  (Week of August 14)
#8  (Week of August 21)
#9  (Week of August 28)

Boulder & Duke of Edinburgh


Minimum four weeks at the RPS camp or riding evaluation and interview by director.

  • A mentoring program for young adults before they enter the work force.
  • Focuses on trail maintenance, emergency response, bike repairs, environmental awareness.
  • A great opportunity to practice leadership skills and risk taking in the daily planning of activities.
  • Focuses on sustainable development and entrepreneurship (trail design and forest management).

This program is in collaboration with the Duke of Edinburgh program. (

Rock Paper Scissors (RPS)

Summer MTB Camp & fitness camp - Age 8 to 14


A desire to learn and practice solid mountain biking skills for enjoyment.

  • LaRoccaXC certified coaches are committed in creating a positive learning environment.
  • Basics skills are taught, repeated and reinforced with a focus on safety.
  • The mastery of basic skills is evaluated before progressing to the next level.
  • Coaches reinforce in each athlete the importance of being patient with one’s progress.
  • Coach’s trail selection respects the natural progression of each rider.
  • Innovative ‘fartlek’ workouts (fun intervals) translates into getting fit the natural way.
  • Gentle introduction to mental training skills (focus, visualisation, breathing and reframing).

Enjoy a glimpse of last summer (2015) PICASSA album – we are M.A.D. indeed (Making A Difference).

Pebble Intro to Mountain Bike & Art Camp

Age 6 and 7 - Minimum wheel size 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 24”

  • A special program for the little brother and sister, age 7 to 9, looking for a gentle introduction to the sport.
  • The perfect balance between mountain biking, art & crafts, zootherapy and cooperative games.
  • The focus is to play outside and to learn from the RPS athletes and Boulders.

Mountain Bike Program Checklist (Please read carefully)

Do not worry if you don't have all these items for the first day of camp. The most important thing for Monday morning is the bike, helmet, gloves, lunch, snacks and a smile!


  1. A CSA approved helmet.
  2. Cycling gloves
  3. A well tuned and properly fitted mountain bike: minimum wheel size must be 24 inch and the bike should have two or three chain rings in the front. If your child is on a 21-inch wheel bike, please call for clarification. We are here to help.
  4. Water - if the bike frame has the cage option, please invest in a cage and bottle.
  5. Lunch (ice packed) and lots of healthy snacks (please NO PEANUTS or caffeinated drinks).
  6. Raingear, towel and a complete change of clothes, hat, biodegradable sunscreen.
  7. A lightweight backpack for day excursions.
  8. Favourite game, musical instrument, crafts, reading material for down time after lunch and the 30 minutes before the start of camp until everyone arrives.

Note: You will need to rent a bicycle if your child’s bike does not pass our safety test (mechanical and fitting).

Stressed for time: we can provide basic bike repairs on the first day of camp (repair charges apply).

NOT mandatory

  1. Full finger gloves / highly recommended.
  2. Cycling shorts / highly recommended.
  3. Clip less pedals are not mandatory / we strongly advise learning the basics skills on flat bed pedals to build confidence.
  4. Hydration packs (Camelbak) are great but kids tend to suck on the tube, which impedes proper breathing.

Note: All items, including the bike, are kept at the Centre for the duration of camp.


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Thank you Zacharie Turgeon for truly capturing the spirit of my vision.