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Feel free to Contact us anytime. We are often in the forest coaching or maintaining trails. We answer all requests within 24 hrs.


  1. CSA-approved cycling helmet;
  2. Cycling gloves (full finger gloves highly recommended);
  3. A properly fitted mountain bike;
  4. The proper paperwork (registration form & waiver);

We have washrooms, a first aid station, and water on site.

La RoccaXC Mountain Bike School caters to children, teenagers, families, and adults looking for a unique learning environment, free of distractions. Bike skills are taught, repeated, and reinforced with a focus on safety, cross-fitness, and mental skills. The mastery of basic skills is evaluated by professional coaches before progressing to the next level with a focus on personal best (25 km of technical single track, 4 play parks, 2 obstacle courses, challenging features).  Our popular summer camps for kids and teens include four pillars of mentoring: developing forest stewardship and trail design, self-responsibility in injury prevention, creative problem solving and bike repairs.

Coaching clinics (private or group) from April 1st to November 1st, 2023

Download Coaching Fees, (PDF)


Rock Paper Scissor (RPS) Summer camp for 7+
& Leadership for 13+

Cost: $375 per week + taxes ($431.16) per child/teen with a 15% discount per child/teen for every consecutive week $318.75 + taxes ($366.69).
Includes trail pass and early morning drop off and end-of-day pick-up.

YES! We accept 6 year old on 18” or 20” bikes IF THEY HAVE A SIBLING AT CAMP.

Every Friday of camp, from 1 pm to 4 pm parents get to watch on foot their children demonstrate their new skills. A summer-end tour of the mountain (bike or hike) is organized on the last day of summer camp

Download Leadership 13+ details, (PDF)

Women-only MTB 4-Saturday intensive (NATUREOBICS™)


A solid 3 hours of coaching and practice on LaRoccaXC's private trail system. It's intense, it's fun and the professional coaches will leave you wanting more. A group outing is planned for at the end of the program to celebrate our progress. Yes! You can participate in all three programs! Our little rocky mountain has many challenges to master! Note that canceled sessions due to foul weather can be postponed to the next Saturday.

Cost: $325 + taxes ($373.67). Four weeks 3 hrs intensive) | Every Saturday morning from 9 am to 12 noon. Does not include a $25 (taxes included) trail pass. For beginner to advanced level riders.

SPRING PROGRAM  | Start date: April 15, 2023
SUMMER PROGRAM  | Start date: June 10, 2023
AUTUMN PROGRAM | Start date: August 12, 2023

Contact us to reserve your spot!

Women Only Retreat / Glamping Weekend

Arrive on a Friday night or Saturday morning with your girlfriends and enjoy a great weekend of riding including a tour of the mountain (25 km of trails). Fees depend on group size and activities booked (coaching, guiding, cooking). Contact us to know more! We love customizing unique outdoor experiences.



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