on the mountain bike and the great outdoors.

2018 Camp sessions for kids age 7 to 12 and leadership for 13+

#1  (Week of June 25)
#2  (Week of July 2)
#3  (Week of July 9)
#4  (Week of July 16)
#5  (Week of July 23)
#6  (Week of July 30)
No camp during the week of August 6th to August 10th
#7  (Week of August 13)
#8  (Week of August 20)

OUR MOUNTAIN BIKING SUMMER CAMP EXPERIENCE is bilingual and has developed a solid reputation. 
We celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2017. Going on strong for another 10+ years!

A desire to learn and practice solid mountain biking skills for enjoyment.

  • LaRoccaXC certified coaches are committed in creating a positive learning environment.
  • Basics skills are taught, repeated and reinforced with a focus on safety.
  • The mastery of basic skills is evaluated before progressing to the next level.
  • Coaches reinforce in each athlete the importance of being patient with one’s progress.
  • Coach’s trail selection respects the natural progression of each rider.
  • Innovative ‘fartlek’ workouts (fun intervals) translates into getting fit the natural way.
  • Gentle introduction to mental training skills (focus, visualisation, breathing and reframing).
  • A special program for the little brother and sister, age 7 to 9, looking for a gentle introduction to the sport.
  • The perfect balance between mountain biking, art & crafts, zootherapy and cooperative games.
  • The focus is to play outside and to learn from each other in a collaborative atmosphere.

Mountain Bike Program Checklist (Please read carefully)


  1. A CSA approved helmet.
  2. Cycling gloves
  3. A well tuned and properly fitted mountain bike: minimum wheel size must be 24 inch and the bike should have two or three chain rings in the front. If your child is on a 21-inch wheel bike, please call for clarification. We are here to help.
  4. Water - if the bike frame has the cage option, please invest in a cage and bottle.
  5. Lunch (ice packed) and lots of healthy snacks (please NO PEANUTS or caffeinated drinks).
  6. Raingear, towel and a complete change of clothes, hat, biodegradable sunscreen.
  7. A lightweight backpack for day excursions.
  8. Favourite game, musical instrument, crafts, reading material for down time after lunch and the 30 minutes before the start of camp until everyone arrives.

Note: You will need to rent a bicycle if your child’s bike does not pass our safety test (mechanical and fitting).

Stressed for time: we can provide basic bike repairs on the first day of camp (repair charges apply).

NOT mandatory

  1. Full finger gloves / highly recommended.
  2. Cycling shorts / highly recommended.
  3. Clip less pedals are not mandatory / we strongly advise learning the basics skills on flat bed pedals to build confidence.
  4. Hydration packs (Camelbak) are great but kids tend to suck on the tube, which impedes proper breathing.

Note: All items, including the bike, are kept at the Centre for the duration of camp.


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